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RSS, often described as "Really Simple Syndication," allows web users to create a menu of always updated content sources, making it easy to stay on top of the action at your favorite sites. offers an RSS Feed at the following location:

How can you use RSS?
RSS feeds can be incorporated into a variety of different "readers," giving you access to the headlines in a variety of different ways.

Blog software: For example, RSS feeds are commonly incorporated into weblogs. Blogs are web pages comprised of usually short, frequently updated items and web links. Blogging as a publishing tool is used for purposes: traditionally journalism, personal journals, group discussions around a topic, and many combinations in-between.

News readers or aggregators: These software programs will collect, update and display RSS feeds from any number of sources. A number of free and commercial news aggregators are available, with Google Reader being one of the more popular.

Web browsers: Some web browsers, including Firefox, allow you to incorporate RSS feeds that will be downloaded and viewable through the browser. In the case of Firefox, they are called "Active Bookmarks." Internet Explorer users can download a plugin called RSSExplorer.

Personalized web sites: Some web sites that allow readers to personalize their pages -- My Yahoo!, for example -- also allow you to incorporate RSS feeds onto your personalized pages. You may click the "Add to My Yahoo!" button to add a feed directly to your personalized page in Yahoo!.

RSS Feeds and utilizes RSS Feeds exclusively in the content we provide to our visitors. We only publish the content made available in the RSS Feed, giving both full credit to the source and a direct link to the actual article and the website's home page.

If you're a publisher and would like for us to consider including your RSS Feed in our content offering, please contact us today.

If you're wondering how your company can provide an RSS Feed, the following is a set of resources highlighting the details of what an RSS Feed, both for basic content and for multimedia.

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