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Press Release: Launch

Announcing Launch of - GLBT Video, Blogs, News & Social Networking Site

Pink Banana Media is proud to announce the launch of their flagship site, Combining news, blogs, podcasts, photos and videos from around the world, is unique in that it is bringing together GLBT content from all across the globe using the latest in Web 2.0 Technology.

The news, blogs and videos are delivered using the latest and most current RSS Feeds provided by Google News, various GLBT writers and authors, YouTube and Revver, just to name a few. By becoming this hyperaggregator of GLBT content, has positioned itself to be one of the most comprehensive and current sources of news online today. It also empowers and brings to light writers, authors, photographers and videographers that have thus far perhaps gone unnoticed by the mainstream GLBT community. By not only locating but also categorizing and regionalizing the various content available each day, has in many ways revolutionized both the delivery of news and content and the viewing of this content using an easy-to-navigate online reader.

In addition, a second major component of is its ability to bring together a person's online profiles from social networking as well. Working with YouTube, Picasa, Flickr and more, online members are able to simply continue uploading their favorite videos, photos, blogs, articles and web links and share them with their fellow GLBT community members on There is no need to duplicate these efforts by re-uploading photos and videos like there is on the other social networking sites today. In addition, is able to bring together a person's online persona ranging from to, with many other social networking sites in between, creating in essence a single location from which a gay or lesbian individual can show off their best assets from each of these networks to their fellow GLBT community.

Bringing this social networking together into a state-of-the-art feed allows gays & lesbians worldwide to stay on top of their friends' lives like never before. Similar to the Facebook model,'s feed keeps users updated as to what all of their friends on the site have been up, whether they uploaded a new photo gallery on Flickr or changed their 'mood' on MySpace. is also designed so that gays & lesbians can meet other like-minded individuals based upon shared interests or shared neighborhoods. With its own internal Friends and E-Mail Management Systems in place, connecting and staying in touch with friends old and new has never been easier.

About Matthew Skallerud:
Matthew Skallerud, President of Pink Banana Media, began his career in the gay & lesbian marketplace when he founded in May of 1995. He successfully led into one of the premiere and dominant gay websites worldwide, translating that success to and (gay travel site). In 2001, he expanded this online reach by launching a company focused on both developing niche-oriented websites for the gay & lesbian community and helping companies large and small reach these gay & lesbian consumers through this expanded network of websites, which included,,, and, just to name a few.

Centered around highly advanced features of the Internet including blogs, social networking sites, online video and more, and it's companion site, are new sites launched in January 2008, designed to bring the best of today's Internet technologies and experiences to GLBT users worldwide, including integrations with,, and more... integrations with a distinct gay & lesbian flair!

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